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Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan

Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore)

Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore)

The works

Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore) has improved safety between the Pontville roundabout and Eddington Road, Bagdad.

It was designed to improve safety for road users as well as local residents, as the highway passes a number of junctions and residential accesses in this area.

We've brought the road up to a minimum Three Star AusRAP safety rating by installing a central turning lane defined by traffic islands and managed by an 80 km/h speed limit. The turn lane will allow safe access in and out of nearby properties and will separate north and southbound traffic, reducing the risk of head-on collision.

We've also built widened and sealed junctions with right turn lanes, sealed road shoulders so road users can safely pull over and slow down before turning, and installed safety barriers to address roadside hazards.

Works began in February 2018 and were completed in winter 2019.

Current status

Completed works

Start of works

Summer 2017-2018

Completion of works

Mid 2019

More information

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