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Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan

Milestone reached in Midland Highway Action Plan

Milestone reached in Midland Highway Action Plan

15 August 2019

A key milestone has been reached on the Midland Highway Action Plan, with more than  50 per cent of planned safety upgrades now complete along Tasmania’s main north-south route.

Sixteen Midland Highway Action Plan projects have been completed since works began in 2014.

The Midland Highway upgrades would be delivered over 10 years from 2014–15 to 2023–24 to achieve a minimum 3 Star AusRAP Safety Rating along the Midland Highway.

Three major projects were recently completed, including Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2, York Plains to St Peters Pass and Epping Forest to Powranna. Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 1 was completed in March 2017.

These combined projects represent $75 million worth of upgrades and included shoulder widening, junction improvements and turning facilities, delivering vital safety benefits to the community.

Two projects are currently under construction, with works on St Peters Pass to South of Tunbridge due for completion by early 2020 and the Perth Link Roads project due for completion in 2020.

The three newly completed projects installed flexible safety barriers and additional overtaking lanes, removed roadside hazards, realigned tight curves and created new rest areas.

The $500 million Midland Highway upgrade project is jointly funded with the Australian Government committing $400 million and the Tasmanian Government committing $100 million.

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