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Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan

Works started on Perth Link Roads project

Works started on Perth Link Roads project

07 September 2018

Work has started on the largest single project in the 10-year $500 million Midland Highway Action Plan, the $92.3 million Perth Link Roads project.

The Australian Government has committed $83.1 million to the project, with the Tasmanian Government committing the remaining $9.2 million.

The project will deliver the final link in a dual carriageway along the Midland Highway from Launceston to the south of Perth and will increase safety, reduce traffic noise and ease congestion in the area by diverting heavy vehicles and traffic from the Perth town centre.

The Perth Link Roads project is another important step in improving safety along the length of the Highway to a minimum 3-star AusRAP safety rating and will create an estimated 166 direct jobs and 25 indirect jobs during construction.

The project will also include a dedicated shared path that will improve pedestrian and cyclist connections between Longford and Breadalbane.

Detailed design is now underway and early works have started onsite.

To date, 13 projects have been completed as part of the $500 million Midland Highway Upgrade, jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments.

Construction on a number of other projects is progressing, including York Plains to St Peters Pass, Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore), Epping Forest to Powranna and St Peters Pass to south of Tunbridge.

Construction of the Perth Link Roads is expected to start in late 2018 and be completed by mid-2021.

Tasmanian joint venture VEC-Shaw will deliver the project.

A concept image, showing the Perth Link Roads project, view 3 from west of Perth, looking east.

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