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Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan

Speed limit reinstated

Speed limit reinstated

13 September 2017

The 110 km/h speed limit has been reinstated along the Midland Highway, between White Lagoon (Tunbridge) and Mona Vale, following the completion of the northern end of the project last month.

This completed section has improved safety and provides road users with an additional uphill overtaking opportunity in the southbound direction.

A new central and flexible safety barrier – designed to prevent crashes by separating both north and southbound traffic – is now in place at this location. Roadside safety barriers have also been installed.

The junction at Mona Vale Road has also been upgraded to ensure better lines of vision and extended turning lanes have been provided.

It is important to remember that reduced speed limits will continue in the southern and middle sections of the works before safety barriers are installed. Road users can expect narrow lanes and some temporary changes to road conditions for the remainder of the construction period.

White Lagoon to Mona Vale

The speed limit between White Lagoon (Tunbridge) to Mona Vale has been reinstated.

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