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Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan

St Peters Pass Landscaping

St Peters Pass Landscaping

15 August 2019

As part of the safety upgrade of the Midland Highway from York Plains to St Peters Pass, we needed to remove two large informal hedges.

Both hedges were big features of the area, and removing them was going to have a big impact on the landholders’ privacy, and to the overall look of the area.

The first hedge was mostly made up of English Elm suckers, and they extended from the fence line into the roadside drain. We needed to remove them to widen the road and improve drainage.

After talking with the landholder, we kept a lot of the existing plants and used them to create a new hedge using an ancient technique known as hedge laying.

Hedge laying is the process of bending and partially cutting (pleaching) through the stems of a line of shrubs or small trees near ground level and arching the stems without breaking them, so they can grow horizontally and be intertwined. The technique is a highly efficient and extremely cost-effective way to generate a fence line hedge. A local hedging expert was sub-contracted to perform this work.

Further to the south another hedge needed to be replaced. In this case, hedge laying wasn't a viable option, so we planted new young plants. With a combination of careful soil preparation and irrigation, the young plants are thriving. These plants will grow to have a hedge-like appearance over the next few years.

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