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Midland Highway 10 Year Action Plan

Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore)

Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore)

The works

This project will improve the safety of the highway between the Pontville roundabout and Eddington Road. The project has been designed to balance the safety needs of both road users and local residents (the area includes a significant number of junctions and residential property accesses).

Following the completion of Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 1 (Bagdad) the design for Mangalore to Bagdad Stage 2 (Mangalore) will reflect the safety measures of Stage 1 – including the following:

  • A central turn lane (to allow safe access in and out of adjoining properties and to separate north and southbound traffic).
  • Traffic islands positioned at regular intervals along the central turn lane.
  • A series of widened and sealed junctions with right turn lanes.
  • Sealed shoulders for road users to pull over and slow down before turning left
  • The removal of roadside hazards (such as steep side slopes and drains) and the installation of safety barriers.

Current situation

Works began in February 2018.


Site contact: Adrian Smith, Community Liaison Officer, email:, phone: 0457 522 671.

Current status

Under construction

Start of works

Summer 2017-2018

Completion of works

Mid 2019

More information

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